SolarisBank builds bridge between banking and Bitcoin evolution

The Blockchain Factory promises to be the technological and regulatory bridge between the banking and blockchain world. In addition, it wants to be a specialized infrastructure partner with a banking license for crypto currency and blockchain companies. With the Blockchain Factory, SolarisBank aims to further advance the vision of decentralized and contextual banking. SolarisBank, the […]

BTC course analysis – China tears down the course

After rising to EUR 1,003.38 (USD 1,067.75), the share price plummeted to EUR 901.56 (USD 959.40). Since then it has been able to catch up slightly and stands at EUR 950.00 (USD 1,010.94). How does the price fall affect the long-term forecast? Throughout the week, the price followed the bullish trend and rose to 1,003.38 […]